Saturday, May 08, 2021

MO Promises Made, MO Promises Kept

St. Louis' City Foundry really had some bad luck trying to open right around the time covid hit. They were pretty smart this time though and had a socially distanced craft fair in like an open air parking garage type space.

Spencer and Doug were in attendance.

Next we headed to Missouri Botanical Garden for their temporary exhibit Origami in the Garden.

There were giant origamis.

We completed our MO state park quest with a bang! Jay Nixon State Park is not only undeveloped/closed but it’s also unaccessible from the road! MO has a top notch park system and every park is free to visit.

And with that closed park, we had officially completed our holy quest to visit every state park and state historic site in Missouri within one year. We began on May 19 of last year so we even have a little time to spare.

Yes they had ice cream but I had visited General Custard's Re-Treat in Farmington, Missouri primarily for their pun game.

We did a little strolling around Farmington to walk off the custard. This flower shop looked like a moon base.

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