Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Seattle Oysters and Brews

Seattle generally feels like a safer place than St. Louis, but there did seem to be a larger hobo situation here than back home. 

We had some delicious oysters at the Walrus and the Carpenter. I remember our servers asking which of the EIGHT types fresh oysters I wanted and... I think I was briefly surprised that there was more than one type. I've only had them on a handful of occasions. Anyway I ordered a nice mixture of blue pool, judd cove, and chelsea gem and then ate them having absolutely no idea which was which.

I was impressed by the place's cool decor.

We proceeded to drink beers all over the damn place on a microbrewery crawl.

Lydia was excited that Fair Isle had a fancy beer named after her.

"Lydia is a fall inspired farmhouse ale aged in oak puncheons. Brewed with triticale grown by MJW Grain Inc. in Ritzville, WA, barley grown by Palouse Heritage in Endicott, WA and malted by LINC Malts. Created with ingredients farmed and foraged in the Pacific Northwest. Fermented with our house blend of wild and feral yeasts and bacterias."

I was amused to see that former Seattle Supersonic Shawn Kemp had his name on a weed shop.

There were food trucks all over the place near the breweries and burritos happened.

Tip us and then bus your own table because we're too busy collecting tips.

I guess we wanted the exercise but around this point we went on a very long walk to the last brewery.

Dirty Couch Brewing is the most depressing name for a place that makes beer but that's their right. The beer was decent.

I liked that the empty flight board could give a good paddlin in a pinch.

We ended our day's consumption with some ice cream from Molly Moon's. The building's set up was so weird, it was like a tiny little ice cream closet smushed inside of a laundromat.

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