Thursday, June 10, 2021

Back to Busch

We were already back in the swing of things in St. Louis after our fun journey to Seattle.

I've been going hard with my Chinese stuff buying side hustle.

We'd just returned from our magical time in Seattle at a Mariners game, so it was fun to be able to so quickly compare and contrast the two experiences by heading straight to Busch Stadium for some Cardinals action. I think my hot take may be that I like T Mobile Park better but I prefer the Cardinals as a team better? I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing us rave about how much better the food is over there. How many soggy nachos am I expected to eat in one lifetime?

I'm not even a native Spanish speaker and I think that the phrase "El Birdos Margaritas" is an assault on decency. I do like the old timey baseball card wallpaper though. Our seats had access to the Redbird Club which is a nice place. Nothing is complimentary there but it does keep out the riff raff and is a temperature controlled place to hang out if that's your thing.

This may have been my first trip back to the stadium since the cootie outbreak.

There was a concessions credit on our ticket and Zoe got into it with the staff over its use.

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