Sunday, June 06, 2021

Tragedy Back in St. Louis

I had a solid time in Washington. We mixed it up a lot, with time in the city, hiking in the mountains, checking out some agriculture. It's a nice state and there's a lot going on. We've had some discussions about what moving here might look like. Covid has really isolated us from friends, family, and St. Louis in general, so I think the pull of a cool new place feels stronger. It might sound stupid but after having visited every state park in Missouri I felt an especial sense of "I've seen everything this place has to offer and it's time for a new adventure." We looked into moving to Hawaii after our trip there but decided it was too expensive, and we even looked into moving to Estonia on a digital nomad visa. Lydia quickly got job offers and so I think that I was the speed bump on that one. Anyway, it's definitely not like a whim, we've been considering our options for a while now. Another sort of gift that covid has given us is my job has turned remote. So as long as that persists, I can at least live anywhere in the United States, and Lydia seems to have a magical ability to get a job anywhere so we're definitely relocation dangerous at this point.

The drive from Yakima back to the airport was scenic. We lucked out with pretty good weather this whole trip despite Seattle's legendary raininess.

There was a car from Missouri at the airport. They had a MO license plate, Kansas City Chiefs plate cover, a Logboat Brewing Company sticker from Columbia, MO...

And a lady got out of the car with a Mizzou shirt on. These guys like them some MOMO.

I got a few weird looks checking in my giant box full of Elysian beer but there seemed to be no injuries.

Tragedy struck while we were away. I check on Lil' Hank the ant and crew and discovered that they were all dead. I set them in a location I had numerous times before, but my theory is that they got zapped by a summer beam of light through a window and were nuked. I was very sad. I am confident that they are ruining someone's picnic in ant heaven right now.

Especially sad was that a few survivors piled up all their dead friends outside the nest. It's like the worst thing ever.

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