Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Horse Hooky Redux

The boys invited me to Horse Hooky in the middle of the day Tuesday and I instantly felt ill and called off work. Health really is one's greatest treasure.

Fairmount Park is now hideously known as FanDuel Sportsbook and Horse Racing. Yuck. We used to take a bar shuttle out here in a package that included a buffet, but both of those things may have been killed by covid or by whatever change of ownership seems to have taken place when I wasn't paying attention. It's for the best though because that was a very sorry excuse for a buffet and I don't feel like punishing my body for any particular reason today.

Man I really like horse races. It's such a gentle way to gamble, and you get to be outside in the sun. Casinos by comparison are smelly caves devoid of both light and the horses that like to prance around through it.

I stuck to my expert strategy of betting on whatever horse has the best name and completely ignoring the odds. I think I may have actually walked away a winner this time which is unheard of.

After the horsing around had completed we went to a bar across the street and interacted with some of the lowest class people ever assembled. We were so pretty by comparison that someone literally bought us a round of shots not long after we walked in.

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