Sunday, November 26, 2023

Ernie Meets Santy

Today was a big day: Ernesto had an appointment to meet Santa Claus (also known as Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Santa, or Santy).

We learned from a photo shoot that Ernie (also known as Ern Dawg) will get slobber all over his nice clothes, so we came prepared with a bib.

He looks a little bit like a Klondike prospector.

The Snowflake Lane Factory set up at Bellevue Square was pretty quality.

They did a good job of having interesting things to look at while waiting in line. They also had the different Santas photos up so you could book a session with a particular one rather than just showing up and chancing it.

They had a nice little conversation before doing the photos which was nice. Santa said that Ernie would be walking up to see him next year which I was not ready to hear.

I was proud of him for being chill.

Columbia City's Off Alley was definitely a fine dining experience that was out of the ordinary. 

The space is legit in a converted alleyway, so the 14 seats are scrunched in along a brick wall. I bumped into the guy sitting next to me on more than one occasion.

Holy Mountain's White Lodge has some fun Twin Peaks references on the label.

I will give them one thing, the portions were generous which is not usually the case for fancy pants places. I was not able to finish all of what was served. When you don't exactly know how many courses are remaining or what they will be it's hard to pace yourself.

Ern was busy doing good boy stuff to stay in Santa's good graces.

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