Monday, November 13, 2023

Ern's Shirt is From the Lou and He's Proud

Ernie was looking especially handsome today in his lil STL outfit. I'm not going to lie, I took a lot of pictures.

That tongue of his is making itself known. Sometimes I wonder if he's tasting the air like a reptile or what exactly is happening with it.

Our friends Shubra and Sumit made us some fun Indian desserts and even dropped them off at our apartment. They were amazing.

Lydia's maternity leave is about finished and Ernie is about to start going to big boy school, so I thought I should do a little interview at this life landmark. I'd like to do more of these but I feel like there's an inverse relationship between interesting stuff happening in our lives and the time and mental space to sit down, realize that stuff is happening, and ask ourselves how we feel about it.

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