Sunday, November 12, 2023

Yer a Wizard Ernie

Things were about to get real magical.

Big Ern was pumped.

Today's excursion was to a traveling exhibit called Harry Potter Magic at Play. It was set up at the froufrou mall The Shops at The Bravern which was kind of funny. That's where like the Louis Vuitton store is for example, so we don't usually have a legitimate reason to be here.

I had to have a conversation with Ernie. He recently went to Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo and I knew this wouldn't be as cool so we needed to do some expectations management.

This was more kid oriented which was ok because I now am the proud owner of a kid.

Ernie checking out Harry's bedroom under the stairs.

I'm getting an unexpected amount of wear out of my Hogwarts uniform.


Wingardium Leviosa!

We brewed some potions.

There was a Quidditch side quest.

There was a new take on butterbeer. I think this is the third official iteration I've tried.

We had initially booked with a couple of couples and their babies from our PEPS Newborn program friends. One pulled out last minute so we invited our Potterhead friends Gabby and Derek.

This was the first time we hung out with Caitlin and her dude outside of baby class.

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