Wednesday, November 22, 2023

WildLanterns at Woodland Park Zoo

Ern's school impressively sends us little videos in addition to his other updates.

We met at Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle for WildLanterns. It was a lot of fun to see Ernie's reactions to all of the fun light up plants and animals. The website's description was a bit gratuitous though I would say:

"Begin your breathtaking journey through a world of themed lanterns at the Land of Winter Wonders. Here, witness a magical snow world with glistening ice and picture yourself in one of the world's polar regions. Continue to the family-favorite Interactive Zone where illusions and games galore are sure to cause excitement. Journey on to the Fine Feathered Friends zone where birds are the theme, giant illuminated species include parrots and toucans! Giant spiders and a corridor of vibrant flowers are two highlights of the next display, Bugs and Blooms. Linger in the Giant Panda Parkway where you’ll observe numerous lanterns of the iconic Chinese species in a display of stunning cherry. Finally marvel at the mythical animals of Fantastical Folklore Realm, can you find the White Dragon or the Pegasus?"

Fog bubbles are like Rolls Royce of bubbles.

Zoe's friend Cora was in attendance. 

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