Sunday, November 19, 2023

Banana Blossoms and Boozy Beverages

Ern said that he wanted to shop for weird knickknacks while supporting the makers in his community so we took him to the Fremont Bridge Winter Market. His requests are getting very specific.

True to its name, the festival is under a bridge. A nice thing about Seattle folk is I feel like they are very weather resistant. It rains a lot but they are still down to clown and have things like festivals under bridges where they can hide from the elements. The guy on the right in the yellow hat suspiciously resembles Ryan "Henry" Ward the prolific Seattle artist and muralist who's done the art in a couple Flatstick locations.

There are several very Instagram forward flashily decorated Asian restaurants in the area and SabbVerr Thai Bar & Grill is one that was a short walk from the market.

"We have an enormous menu coming from “E-Sann”, the northeastern part of Thailand. E-Sann Thai food is very different from Thailand’s Central Cuisine, it uses more chili, less sugar, more herbs and a unique fish sauce called “Pla-raa”."

Also fitting the fashionable vibe of the place, they had a menu of fun seasonal cocktails.

This guy was fun.

Sleepless Snowman
Vodka, coffee liqueur, Frangelico liqueur, and cream

This was kind of wild. The pad thai boran came with a banana blossom.

Basil lava fried rice
Rice with holy basil minced pork or chicken served with lava scramble eggs.

The blossom didn't taste that great but it was cool looking.

After dinner Ernie studied his Japanese hiragana blocks.

His big boy car seat arrived and Ern checked it out before giving his approval.

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