Saturday, November 11, 2023

Seattle Center for the Win

We had a big day planned in the big city today. First we had to get so fresh and so clean.

Ern was distracted chewing on the belts on his stroller and I got some good shots of his baby blues.

Ok he wasn't 100% distracted.

We took Ernie to what I believe is his first visit to the Museum of Pop Culture. I love this place.

The main reason I was excited to visit the museum this time was their temporary exhibit Hidden Worlds which shows a lot of the magic of Laika, which is a stop motion animation studio based near Portland, OR. This studio captivated my attention long ago when I went to a talk by one of their animators in St. Louis.

The house from Coraline.

More Coraline.

I haven't seen a few of these films which I really need to rectify.

It's insane that it's possible to net any money while doing this much costly work to make a movie.

We then sought refreshment at The Bar at Chihuly Garden and Glass. I love this place too. The decor and the menu is always very fun and quality.

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