Thursday, November 16, 2023

Eatin' and Multiversin'

Eating used to be a highlight of my day, and it's still pretty fun, but I think watching Ern eat might be my new favorite. Will he eat it? Throw it? Wear it? Nobody knows.

We're getting pretty good at rolling around.

Shoplifting has gotten bad enough that the Redmond Target has been turned into a giant vending machine that you can walk around inside.

I finished Starfield. Spoilers!

The end of the game is kind of cool. You meet sort of the entity at the center of the universe who invites you to die and be reborn with super powers in another universe similar to your own. Like a multiverse situation. Most of them are just like your universe but you can make different choices for different outcomes, but others are wild like one character is a houseplant instead of a person, or everyone on your team is a child version of their normal self. I didn't mess around with it too much but I thought it was an inventive way to increase replay value.

It was a bittersweet ending because by choosing to go to another universe you die in your old one, and your friends can't come with you.

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