Sunday, November 05, 2023

Ern and Oats Don't Mix

University Village is nice because I can pretend I'm cultured and not in a mall while very much being the opposite of both of those things.

I started binge watching all Star Wars movies and shows in chronological order to prepare myself spiritually for Galactic Starcruiser. I wasn't able to finish before the journey because there are an infinity of Clone Wars animated tv episodes. Some of them are so so bad.

We ate at Ba Bar which is becoming one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle.

I wore my championship winning Kick'n Nuggets kickball jersey out so that haters would know that I'm a champion.

I've been more aware of Longchamp since buying fancy stuff for my girl on our last trip to Paris. I thought this UW one at Bloomie's was pretty cool and Washingtonian.

The primary reason we were on this side of the lake was to be close to the children's hospital. Ernie was vomiting a lot last time he had oats so we did a smaller subsequent test to see if that was still the case. He had a very tiny amount that he didn't even seem to want to eat. I wonder if he had already made the connection. Anyway he got sick again. Luckily not enough to need to go to the hospital, so we just chilled at Zoe's apartment and waited for him to feel better. 

Poor lil guy.

I was inspired to listen to an audio book of the Call of the Wild after our recent sled dog Alaskan excursion.

This is a fun example of Washington having the meanest alcohol tax in the country. The tax is based on volume, not price. So no matter how low a sale might cut the booze tax stays the same. These canned cocktails were 12.99 or 21.00 including tax.

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