Sunday, January 15, 2023

St. Louis: Old Stuff, Foosball, Mini Golf

We visited the good ol Missouri History Museum.

There was a great exhibit on St. Louis Music.

I’m “my favorite rapper is in the history museum” years old.

The girls were so jelly on the fun times that I had last night at the Armory that they demanded I take them tonight. It's sad when the Jelly School is full and doesn't have any room for new jelly girls.

Seed when they should have sawed.

No one can withstand the whirly fury of my little foosball dude.

They had giant pizza paddle ping pong with a giant ball.

One thing on the very short list of things that St. Louis has that Seattle does not is a local franchise of Puttshack. It's kind of a cool twist between mini golf and Top Golf, where the computer keeps track of your strokes and offers some silly ways to get more points as well.

Sure, I'm great at mini golf in North America. But I'm even better at mini golf in Australia, due to the upside down gravity situation that they have going on down there.

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