Monday, January 02, 2023

Ajwa Daters and Italian Haters

Back home from our epic tour of the Middle East we settled in to eat the 50 pounds of dates we lugged back and open our mail.

Ernie the Fetus Troll likes to hang out on one side of Lydia's belly to the point that she looks all lopsided.

I bought Lydia the official 2022 White House Christmas ornament to commemorate our tour of the West Wing.

Lydia opened all of the baby shower gifts for Ernie.

One of the few gifts I got was a traffic ticket from Pisa, Italy crying about me driving down the wrong street without a permit. Maybe they should get that tower straightened out before they go around judging other people.

We were hungry so we did what anyone would do: buy a pizza box full of tacos.

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