Friday, January 13, 2023

St. Louis Goofin'

I, Lydia, and the Troll all flew to St. Louis, MO for Lydia's baby shower. There was some discussion as to whether I would attend at all but I'm a true gentleman and scholar.

I had a dinner date with the boys in Central West End. On my way there I walked past my first St. Louis apartment on West Pine. I first moved into the very regal Parcade in 2010! 150 years ago. Strangely I don't seem to have thought moving to St. Louis warranted a blog post at the time... but I guess I only wrote 7 posts that entire year. Now I write a blog post every time I blow my nose. Curious.

I had some real ass southern food at Juniper. It's funny what you end up missing when you move away from a place.

Hank and Seago were today's victims. Someone Seago tricked me into wearing my Big Lebowski Pendleton sweater and then he also wore the same. Everyone thought we were twin boys.

They pimped out the Armory, which had been a derelict scary looking place full of who knows what as long as I've lived here. I was super excited that they renovated the place and turned it into a place where I could whip strangers' monkey asses at some giant foosball.

It's sort of like a fun version of Ballpark Village.

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