Saturday, January 14, 2023

A Secret Baby Shower

While Lydia was off having the time of her life at her baby shower at Cyrano's Cafe, the remaining gentlemen including myself, Tom, and Lydia's brother Sam retreated to the nearby Schlafly Bottleworks to assert our intense manliness and complete disregard for babies or their hygiene practices.

Once the show was mostly over we returned and helped clean up. Who knows what sort of dark rituals took place here.

My Aunt Rita was in attendance at the shower and was kind enough to share this photo of me in what seems to be a diaper hamper at my Aunt Cece's baby shower.

Afterwards we had a real celebration at the classiest place we could think of: Stella Blues. The place is cash only I assume because no one wants any paper record that they were ever here.

Lydia the hero pounding a Budweiser Zero.

I was dismayed to learn that the place had outsourced their kitchen to some goof balls who proceeded to screw up the menu as well as screw up the Korean hot wings that they used to make. The passage of time is a cruel cruel mistress. Maybe I've never been here on the weekend before but the place was absolutely popping. When we used to come here after kickball games I was convinced that we were the only people keeping this place in business. Lydia has been kicked out of here for being too rowdy. Ask her about it.

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