Monday, January 02, 2023

Flying Home to Collect Our Presents

Our lovely time in Saudi Arabia had come to an end. I have to say I was completely surprised by our time in Saudi. I was really worried about how strict they were going to be about Lydia's clothing and who knows what else, but I never felt out of place. More than once random people on the street would walk up to us, ask us where we were from, and just say "welcome to Saudi Arabia". It's nice to get in on the ground floor our tourism in a country before they learn to hate dirty tourists like ourselves.

The airport in Riyadh was so nice.

This Jack Daniels ad brought to mind my fond memories of visiting Lynchburg, TN.

We apparently like to fly Turkish Airlines because I continue to find myself in the Istanbul airport lounge, waiting in line for a delicious freshly prepared pide: the delicious Turkish flatbread pizza thing.

Lydia enjoyed the pide as well.

I got the dreaded Secondary Security Screening Selection on my boarding pass but I don't recall any additional harassment.

I rewatched Edge of Tomorrow while doing my best to eat this economy class food. I should get a medal.

I keep telling Lydia that my resting moments are all in the name of quality.

Papillon was an odd one.

We returned home to find a giant pile of baby shower gifts from our lovely family and friends. Luckily we live in an area where porch pirates aren't really a thing.

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