Friday, January 27, 2023

Mangophobia Triggered

TechCity Bowl in Kirkland is such a fantastic futuristic name for a bowling alley likely built in the 70s that I was excited to take a peek. It was actually pretty expensive which surprised me. We were also paying by the hour not by the game which seemed a little shady to me. I haven't bowled much recently so it's possible that I'm just not bowling cool anymore.

I was forced to drop the bowling hammer on my enemies.

We had some exotic desserts at Redmond's Hui Lau Shan.

The place was covered in cases of mangos.

I apparently did not get the memo that I should order a mango thing. Instead I ordered a black sesame mochi ball situation but I had major regrets.

I started to play Grounded on Xbox and was greatly amused that there was an Arachnophobia trigger warning in the beginning of the game. Kids these days are worthless and weak!

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