Thursday, January 19, 2023

Spinasse 3 for 2 Pasta

Tonight we dined at Spinasse, another of the restaurants on the current edition of Eater's elite "38 Essential Restaurants in Seattle" list.

"More than 10 years in, this romantic trattoria on Capitol Hill continues to entrance diners with food from Italy’s Piedmont region. The nest of delicate tajarin pasta with butter and sage sauce is a Seattle mainstay, but every dish from chef Stuart Lane is memorable. After a satisfying dinner at Spinasse, head to next-door sibling bar Artusi for a digestif and dessert, or stop by the bar another night for snacks like beef tongue with salsa tonnata (tuna sauce) and burrata with pomegranate seeds and toasted pistachios."

I believe there was some sort of pate amuse bouche. Pregnant people can't have pate. Sad.

Their menu was after my own heart. They listed out four antipasti and then had a fifth choice which was "all of the above". Hell yeah!

"Prosciutto di Parma

Pio Tosini 20 month-aged prosciutto with black currant vinegar marinated apples and toasted mustard seeds."

"Insalata di cavolo rapa

Sliced kohlrabi and watermelon radish salad marinated with anchovy vinaigrette, parmigiano and capers."

"Porchetta tonnata

Poached pork loin with salsa tonnata and caper berries."

"Insalata di radicchio

Chicory salad with barolo vinegar, pecorino and hazelnuts."

This was fun because I think we were trying to decide between three different pasta dishes but only ordered two. Out server brought the third one that we didn't order, and when I mentioned it we got it for free. Problem solved.

"Agnolotti del plin di coniglio

Braised rabbit agnolotti with double brodo and marjoram."


Cavatelli with roasted parsnips, pumpkin seeds, spinach, garlic-cream and pecorino."

"Tajarin con burro e salvia

Fine hand-cut egg yolk pasta with butter and sage."

There was some ice cream and a bowl of cherries. It worked.

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