Sunday, January 08, 2023

Monsoon Bellevue

We went to Monsoon, a fantastic restaurant in Bellevue for dinner tonight. Eater had this to say about the original Seattle location: "Eric and Sophie Banh's original Seattle Vietnamese restaurant still holds up as one of the city's best destinations for the cuisine, and is one of few that primarily uses local meats in its dishes. Though you can find casual Vietnamese favorites like imperial rolls with vermicelli on the menu, the focus here is on Chinese-influenced fine-dining style Vietnamese dishes, served family style."

I thought the decor was a good sign that this place was going to be great. It was hip and modern but classy at the same time.

"Green Papaya Salad: Green papaya, grilled prawn, mint, caramelized shallots, peanuts"

"Catfish Claypot: Caramelized Idaho catfish claypot, fresh coconut juice, green onion."

We walked off our dinners at Bellevue Downtown Park. The temporary ice rink was still set up.

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