Friday, September 16, 2022

Some St. Louis Gallivanting

Having such a short time in St. Louis was kind of fun because it became distilled good times. I know what all the best stuff to do is and I'm going to pack all the highlights into this week then go back to Washington where things make sense.

Carl's Deli is friggin' delicious. That is all.

Their pastrami sandwich has so much juicy meat on it that it's hard to finish.

One sort of stupid thing that I miss is the Anheuser-Busch promotion happening everywhere in St. Louis. There's much less happening out in Washington.

I used to love signing up for all of the contests that they run. I rarely won anything but everyone else I shared the contests with seemed to be showered with riches. Lydia won a Peloton bike and Zoe a remote control cooler car thing.

I met up with Zoe and Emily at Yaquis on Cherokee street. I love Cherokee street. I was taking a look at the bar and deciding what I wanted to drink when I was like hit by a lightning bolt in the form of this beauty.

"Clownvis, The King of Clowns, is a charming, crooning jester spreading wonder and joy wherever he goes. "Baheega" is the signature Clownvis salute which means "Let us celebrate the good." As you sip this refreshing strawberry lager, relax, have fun, and think of the good things in life. When you're drinking Baheega, you're celebrating with the King of Clowns."

To me Clownvis is part entertainer model part father/role model. I've actually seen him live three different times which I think might be a personal record for me for any sort of performer.

Today was Mexican Independence day and what better place to get rowdy about it than Cherokee Street?

Some genius was projecting Simpsons episodes onto a brick wall.

In my quest to do all of the best St. Louis stuff it's easy to forget that things haven't stood still since I left town. 'Ssippi was a fun bar that I hadn't ever been to before.

We hit the classic McGurk's Irish Pub and our gang grew larger.

Carson's is another mainstay in our rotation.

I think this was in the back of the Midwestern downtown. We hopped around a bit.

It was a fun night to catch up with my crew.

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