Sunday, June 30, 2019

Post Purina Pride Parade Pool Party

Our Purina buddy Betty was kind enough to invite us to walk with the Purina float in this year's pride parade. I walked with the Bud Light float last year, but I don't work there no mo, and so had to find a new corporate overlord. Purina worked out nicely.

It was very warm. We spent a lot of the time before the parade started hiding in the shade.

I was pretty happy with the cool shirts we got.

It was hot.

Betty was on dance duty while we walked along side of the float on safety duty.

There were paper hats to pass out, which Joel enjoyed. It was so freaking hot though I would think people would sweat right through them.

We had a little pool party on top of our sister building's roof afterwards.

My friends and I like to play this game where I find contests and share them, they win the frickin prizes, and then I smile whilst colorfully cursing them under my breath.

This time Zoe won a remote control hummer thing that features a cooler, a sound system with bluetooth, and goddamn headlights. I think the thing retails for like $350.

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