Saturday, June 15, 2019

Blues Champ Parade and a Viewing of The Room

Well the Blues won the cup, buddy. Only one thing left to do buddy. Have a parade buddy!

Word had gotten out about this whole "first Blues Stanley Cup win ever situation. There were more than a few people out here and I could barely see a damn thing.

Someone taped a mixing bowl on top of a pile of Bud Select cans. Brewed for the Lou!!!

This homemade cup was built from broken hockey sticks.

After the parade everyone marched to the arch for a rally.

Brett Hull was there and very drunk. They wouldn't let us past the game because we had so much booze in tow. Well excuse me, I thought this was America.

We had some tacos to seal the victorious deal.

Later that night Lydia and I had tickets to see The Room, fabled by some to be the worst movie in the world. I had never seen it before which was exciting enough, but this showing was extra special because it had an introduction by the writer, director, producer, and star of the film, Tommy Wiseau.

I didn't know anything about Tommy but it turned out that he dressed a whole lot like Michael Jackson for some reason. He was an A1 weirdo. I think he may have had like 4 belts on at the same time and wore sunglasses indoors at nighttime even in a dark theater. No way could he see his own feet with those things on.

Tommy has like a Cajun sort of accent going on. He spent most of the time rambling incoherently and insulting the audience. Which was actually a pretty good warm up for The Room.

I haven't seen Rockey Horror Picture Show either but I think it must be something like the same experience. The audience yells at the screen a lot when certain dialogue takes places.

My favorite part was people threw plastic spoons into the air at particular moments. Who doesn't love flying plasticware?

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