Monday, September 19, 2022

Down Springfield Memory Lane

I made my obligatory pilgrimage from St. Louis to Springfield to see the family.

Even famous people barely survive a visit to St. Louis.

I was surprised to see my mom had framed a photo I gave her of us hanging out with the Maasai in Kenya.

My parents are creatures of habit and love eating at Westwoods Lodge.

I think this dish sums up the vibe at this place.

Back at their house President Biden was on TV being interviewed at the Oval Office. I was especially interested because I was making preparations to interview Lydia at the Oval in just a few days.

My longtime friend Danny was down to hang so we bounced around town a bit for various fun times.

Downtown Springfield had been spruced up a bit in parts since I'd been there last.

The Old State Capitol looked like it was being renovated.

The top of the Hilton used to have this martini bar that was our crew's idea of the fanciest night out. I only went up there a couple times. It's not a Hilton anymore and the bar is long gone.

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