Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Buy Me Some Jerseys and Cracker Jack

Lately there's been an AI craze with a few apps where you can type in a description and it will generate pictures accordingly. It's kind of fun but mostly a novelty at this point. People's faces and hands are particularly disturbing.

I'm glad poster advertising is such a thing in Seattle. It's very classic.

Today the Mariners were playing the Chicago White Sox. I don't have any beef with the in particular but it is good for my soul to boo Chicago in general so this was cathartic. Being a newcomer to the American League is fun because all of the teams are so strange and exotic to me.

Somehow I conned Lydia into buying me a jersey. I think they were giving out free jerseys at a prior game, and so I wanted to get there early. We did not get there early, I did not get a jersey, and so this was her penance. I was presented with a conundrum though. Who can I legitimately claim to be enough of a fan of to wear a jersey with their name on it? I was considering Ichiro because I remember lightly following him during my Japan days, but also considering Ken Griffey Jr.. I decided to go with Griffey due to my early Super Nintendo love of him.

I was honored to sit close enough to the action to be lightly risking my life.

Boo Chicago! Boo!

Here's the ump telling them to go back to Illinois.

Alaskan Smash Galaxy sounds like an Anchorage bordello. 

The seventh inning stretch arrived and I prepared my vocals for the yell singing of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

Luckily I had my new jersey on because my performance was immortalized in the hearts and minds of everyone in the stadium that day.

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