Wednesday, September 21, 2022

City Foundry Food Hall

I left Springfield, IL and was back in St. Louis in time for dinner.

City Foundry is an awesome bright spot in St. Louis' midtown neighborhood. From their website:

"Almost 100 years ago, the Century Electric company purchased the Midtown St. Louis property now known as City Foundry STL. At the time, Midtown was a manufacturing hub for the city, thanks to its proximity to the Wabash Railroad line, which cuts across the City Foundry STL Property.

Century Electric was one of the top 3 manufacturers in the city, manufacturing motors and generators that were sold internationally. In fact, Century’s motors helped spark the development of small household appliances.

While the foundry changed owners over the years, and the products produced there changed, one thing did not: nearly 24-hour-a-day work continued on the site until 2007.

Today, this 15-acre site is being reimagined as City Foundry STL, with first-to-the-area makers and merchants moving to the complex. We can’t wait to for you to be a part of the next chapter of this storied creative complex."

The Food Hall opened after I moved away so I was excited to check it out and meet Zoe, Emily, and Blake for dinner.

It's a pretty impressive place and there are lots of different little restaurants to choose from.

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