Thursday, September 29, 2022

On the Road to Munich Oktoberfest

Now that Lydia's pregnant I thought it would be a good idea to take her to the world's most famous beer festival that I've been wanting to go to for a decade. Lydia has been the speed bump on the Oktoberfest mission in my defense, as we usually have to plan our trips around the school schedule and there are no holidays that overlap. Sad.

Well today a lot of wrongs are about to be right. We booked our trip with Aer Lingus to Dublin and then budget crap Condor to Munich. That was sad because due to the post covid airline market weirdness it was still a quite expensive flight. So we got the worst of both worlds: high prices with budget amenities. Oh well who cares?

Seattle is unfortunately far from Europe. At one point I heard the flight attendant pushing the cart tell someone they didn't have any Irish whiskey and offered the poor man some Jack Daniels or something. TURN THIS PLANE AROUND IMMEDIATELY.

The lady in the seat in front of me was really annoying, for example putting her seat down before takeoff and getting yelled at. Later on she explained to her neighbor that this was the first time she’d ever been on a plane. She looked about 60. Rough.

Lydia mentioned that the troll is racking up countries which I think is pretty cool. I wonder if it can tell something weird is happening while on a plane. I think it’s still eating it’s yolk thing so may luckily be avoiding the umbilical cord plane food. The fetus and this loser senior citizen in front of me are currently tied in international experience.

Gaelic is so fun an exotic looking. GACH!

I, a man of culture, ordered the traditional fish & chips: freshly battered haddock, skin on fries, zesty mayonnaise and braised peas at the airport restaurant.

Allianz Arena, home of FC Bayern Munich, looked rad as hell at night.

This was going to be a very brief trip to Germany, so I didn't want to waste a single moment. As soon as we got to the hotel we were out the door looking for some dinner. I now knew that sorry in German is sorry so I was now ready for anything.

I hit the streets of Munich prepared for battle. While sitting at airports I was doing some restaurant research. Time Out had this to say about Bratwurst-Glöckl am Dom:

"For the classic Wirtshaus experience, you can't go wrong with Bratwurst-Glöckl, in a central location near Marienplatz, where the old-world interior includes wood panelling, stained glass windows and heavily tick-tocking clocks. Don't expect a tucked-away treasure - the menu is available in English, German, French, Italian and Russian - but there's still an authentic charm, not least in the famous pork sausages, which are roasted on an open fire. The Kaiserschmarrn takes a good 20 minutes to prepare, but it's a dessert indeed fit for an empress or emperor: a filling, fluffy mountain of warm shredded pancake with raisins, topped with icing sugar and accompanied by apple compote."

You best believe I ordered that Kaiserschmarrn soon as I sat down.

Lydia was excited to order an authentic pretzel or brezen.

We were actually seated at the same table as an Austrian man. He spoke English well so I chatted him up against his will. He was in town to go helicopter skiing.

I got a friggin pile of sausages with a mountain of sauerkraut.

Gemischte Glöckl-Platte mit 4 Rostbratwürsln, 1/2 Stadtwurst und 1 Käsekrainer. Those 4 little guys are the delicious open fire roasted pork sausages of lore.

Kaiserschmarrn is a big pile of magical chopped up bread pudding with powdered sugar and applesauce... sorry "apple compote" fancy pants.

New Town Hall, Neues Rathaus, in the Marienplatz town square.

There was a lot of fun Oktoberfest/Munich merch in shop windows to gawk at.

Unlike the police state of Washington, I bought a nice Märzen and strolled down the street and sipped. Just walking around we saw a lot of people stumbling around in lederhosen. Can't wait to join them tomorrow!

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