Monday, September 05, 2022

A Quest to PAX West

We scored a couple of free tickets to PAX West at the Seattle Convention Center, which is a video game convention. Lydia was a good sport and accompanied me.

I was surprised to see McDonald's with a such a cool booth. They had a claw game where we won some fun merch.

This event paled in comparison but it brought me fond memories of attending Tokyo Game Show back in the day.

This is a character from Elden Ring, which I recently finished after spending an inordinate amount of time playing.

As a youth I used to love playing LucasArts' adventure computer games. Monkey Island was one of the most popular.

LeChuck is the bad guy in the game series.

Speaking of adventure gaming, I also used to love Sierra brand computers games made by Roberta Williams, such as the King's Quest series. I was super mad when I heard that she had been here today but I missed her. What a blast from the past that would have been. Little kid me would have been very proud.

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