Friday, September 23, 2022

City Museum then Up Down

For this second chunk of time in St. Louis I got a room at the Drury Inn & Suites Brentwood. 

It was a fine hotel but something kind of funny and notable was they had this weird happy hour free buffet thing. They also gave me some free drink tickets. It was like the dinner version of the free hotel breakfast.

I mentioned recently when I went to a Cardinals game that Molina and Wainwright are retiring soon and so go their very own Budweiser can. Lydia was jealous of my beer can collection and destroyed it, so I don't have a good home for these. She's a mean one, Mr. Grinch.

Seago and I volunteer at Strange Loop every year in exchange for free passes. I like to volunteer for the opening day party thing at City Museum and give guests their credentials. It's a fun way to do a shift and it doesn't conflict with any of the seminars.

I remember when I first started coming to this conference I didn't yet have a software job and so was incredibly intimidated by the other people at the conference. I didn't like talking to the booth workers in particular because they would ask about my job and then I'd have to reveal I was a bum. Now my badge says "Microsoft" on it and I feel like I've accomplished a lot.

After the shift we checked out Up Down in the Central West End.

I was forced to show Seago why people fear me on the Nintendo 64.

It's embarrassingly satisfying to complete an arcade game. When I was a kid I would only get a few quarters so I played the first bits of every game. Now I have infinity quarters so I can actually see how the games from my childhood end. I used to play the crap out of this X-Men game. These were fun because there are four player spots so a random person could hop in at any time to give you reinforcements.

I like this place a lot. There's always fun retro pop culture on the walls and playing on the tv sets.

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