Sunday, September 18, 2022

Goodbye Molina

I started off my day going to a Cardinals game with Seago. It's a special time to go a Cardinals game because big deals Albert Pujols and Yadier Molina are both about to retire.

St. Louis sadly doesn't seem to be cool enough to have the Amazon Go walk in-walk out concessions technology but they do have something... less cool? It's essentially self checkout but you put your purchases on a magical counter without scanning them.

My big purchase of the whole trip was a Molina jersey. I never had a real pro sports jersey of any kind until like a week ago and now I have two! La dee dah. It's easy to forget that the St. Louis sun will murder you so I was thankful to have my spare shirt to survive.

Brewed for the Lou!

Whenever Pujols or Yadi was up to bat everyone would stand up, clap, and generally go nuts. It was fun.

I spent most of my life being pretty broke so I think I extra appreciate my current moderate success in the softwares and the computers/internets. Plus working on the west coast and then buying things in the midwest means pretty much everything is on sale. We had decent tickets, long story short.

There was some definite Yadi worship going on in the gift shops. I am reminded of the giant Yadi mural we saw at a baseball stadium in Puerto Rico. This guy is going to have a cult here pretty soon.

There was a situation with meeting my friend Julien for drinks. I think I must have sent out an invite via email which did not pose an issue. But to Julien, who's email I do not have, I sent a screenshot. Well... it said pacific time and he did not notice that. Long story short he arrived hours early to the party. Like some sort of French soldier though, he waited anyway, Intense.

We met at one of my favorite breweries in town, Earthbound. They have all kinds of crazy flavors which I appreciate. We finally settled down with a beer and there was sort of a block party thing going on next door which added some ambience. At some point the music stopped and strangely enough local US Congresswoman Cori Bush stepped up to the mic and started giving a speech. Ok, so far so good. Then at parts she started getting choked up... it was a wake. My poor friend sat here for hours to listen to some guy's funeral.

Later on we met up with some friends for food at the Golden Hoosier. This was a place that I feel like opened up right before covid and I never got a chance to visit. I thought it sounded cool, and I was correct. The decor and the refreshments are all very fun and stylized.

The patio was national park themed, complete with like Smokey Bear signage. 

The interior had a lot of weird stuff going on, including a large collection of animal heads. Lana is a brain doctor and I'm pretty sure I saw her licking her lips at all of those delicious heads to experiment on.

I assure you that it is never my intention to go to McGurk's, especially when I went there yesterday. But there is a certain element that is inescapably drawn to this hive of scum and villainy. I had to inform these gentlemen that Elon is a turd, and somehow I ended up with a 21st birthday sash. I drive a hard bargain or something.

I then ended up at some girl who I don't know's house.

It must have been cold in there because some of the guests were borrowing this girl's coats to wear. I didn't want to feel left out.

I'm not sure what but I'm certain that it was accomplished.

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