Saturday, August 06, 2022

The Very Confused Angels from California

We took Evan to see the Museum of Pop Culture. I think by this time Sam went home separately.

Luckily there was a warning sign in the Jimi Hendrix exhibit or he could have been irretrievably triggered.

We then sat in hotdog-infused witness to a face off between the Seattle Mariners and the Los Angeles Angels. I vaguely recalled this team being called the Anaheim Angels and I made the mistake of researching... and four hours later I now have the whole very stupid story.

These people have some long running identity issues.

Unexpectedly the whole kerfuffle began with the departure of the LA Rams to St. Louis. The Angels shared Anaheim Stadium with them and apparently wanted their lonely stadium to be refurbished and downsized. Part of the team's agreement with the city was that the team would have "Anaheim" in the team's name. So they became the Anaheim Angels. Then, driven by douchiness and thirst for money, they greasily changed the team name to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. This way they were technically not breaking their agreement but could capitalize on the larger city's name. There were then a bunch of lawsuits. Quite the sportsmanlike conduct. 

We showed Evan the magnificent view of the city and the sound from the ballpark. What a great place.

Interesting airshow planes kept flying overhead.

I had a delicious Seattle dog once we were out on the street.

Our friend Miriam apparently missed having a quinceañera when she turned 15, so she got her revenge with a double whammy when she turned 30. I was hoping to show up and see her wearing some gaudy pastel dress looking like a cupcake but I was disappointed. Forum Social House was a fun venue though, and had a couple of those virtual golf driving range screens with various fun games to play.

I don't know what these slugs were doing on the path to the grocery store but they probably need to being doing it at home.

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