Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Enjoying the Outdoors and the Indoors

Today we really mixed it up and did a lot of fun stuff. I cannot envision a thing that may happen in the future that would impede all of these exciting variety of activities.


Today we visited Kubota Garden, which is a fun little Japanese garden that is now a Seattle public park. 

It was a cute little place. I would go back.

We've been doing some free movie previews in Seattle. It's a bit of a drive for us as they are usually in Seattle proper, and parking costs, so it's not quite the slam dunk it was back in St. Louis. But it's still fun on occasion if the movie on offer looks interesting. Pacific Place is a nice but dying mall in the city that often hosts the screenings at its AMC.

Idris Elba's Beast involved fighting for survival, and was not unlike my own fight to escape Kenya that one time.

After the movie we strolled around South Lake Union a bit before retiring for the evening.

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