Sunday, August 21, 2022

Hiking Rainier National Park

We have visited Rainier National Park once before, when we were visiting Seattle for the first time, but it was covered in snow and we couldn't do much hiking.

We saw a few hoary marmots while hiking. They were very hungry little hippos.

We saw some people walking around with crazy shoes and big ice picks, which I guess are the implements you'd need to actually climb to the top of Mt. Rainier. I think that would be a pretty cool challenge for us to tackle someday. Lydia seems less enthused.

I think this speedy devil was a chipmunk.

We were back in Kirkland in time for one of my favorite activities: sunset over Lake Washington.

Lydia and I have been trying to construct a zygote for the last couple of months. I was mentally prepared for it to take a long time to happen or maybe never happen. Well apparently we are both in working order because Lydia handed me an open Amazon shipping bag and said something like "I accidentally opened this but it's for you." When I looked inside there was a little "positive" pregnancy test at the bottom of the bag. Let the games begin.

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