Saturday, August 20, 2022

First WA Horse Race

We invited a few friends to join us out at Emerald Downs for some horsey racing in Auburn, WA.

It was a bit more of an upscale experience than southern Illinois' Fairmount Park. For one thing, the prices were multiples higher. Sad.

Lydia and I's first trip together(2012!!) was to the Kentucky Derby so she gets all romantical when she sees those sweaty horses galloping around.

Washington is a big garlic producer, and garlic fries are a local favorite.

Them pinchy cheeks are also a local favorite.

We definitely came on the wrong day, unfortunately. Apparently sometimes they have a bunch of people in t-rex costumes race on the track instead of horses. Much more hilarious. I wonder if they still allow betting?

We took a peek at the local mall, the Outlet Collection Seattle.

They had a this fun store called Gotcha! where you pay to shoot your friends and enemies with Nerf style guns. Being able to shoot a million shots at each other and not have to worry about finding them and picking them up afterwards is priceless if you ask me.

When night fell we checked out something little bit off the beaten path. The LUSIO Lights Festival at Mary Olson Farm in Kent, WA was billed as an immersive experience showcasing several light up art installations. It was very cool and sometimes strange. It was also free which is a rarity for anything in the Seattle area so I had no complaints.

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