Friday, August 19, 2022

Kid Cudi Tunnel Club Seats

We had some Kid Cudi tickets for tonight but first needed to play a little Quest 2 to get ourselves in the correct futuristic headspace to enjoy his music.

I bought some fancy tunnel club suite tickets, where I used to work when I was a lowly usher at Climate Pledge Arena.

It was fun to show Lydia the dark corridors where I used to stare at the wall, guarding things nobody cared about.

She got to see the very exciting door to the Storm locker room.

We visited the Verizon Lounge.

She also got to see the very exciting door to the Kraken locker room. I gave myself a little tour back here during the grand opening of the arena.

Every tour needs plenty of rocks in order for the music to work correctly.

I've listened to "TGIF" so many times. I was happy that he played it but was unsure it would happen as I'm not sure it's one of his big famous songs.

I remember very early on that Lydia listened to Kid Cudi in her car and I thought that was cool. It may have even been a CD. This was the before-times.

One of the reasons I like rap is that much of it is so aspirational. It features a lot of stories about starting in disadvantaged situations and rising up and becoming successful. I remember listening to "Pursuit of Happiness" a ton when we live in Neosho, MO and I was driving around flipping textbooks for a job. I feel like it has a lot of meaning for me. Especially funny is the line: "If I fall, if I die, know I lived and missed some bullets." This gives me fond memories of a gunfight breaking out in downtown St. Louis, and a bullet coming through the window next to me while I was watching tv, and blowing glass all over me and my apartment.

The Kid blew through some of his hits in a techo medley thing with I didn't really appreciate. I did think that the visuals were pretty cool. All in all it was a decent show but I don't think I'll be clamoring to see him again anytime soon.

The interior of the tunnel club suite.

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