Sunday, October 17, 2021

Climate Pledge Arena Mock Event

The first event I worked as a very prestigious Hospitality Ambassador at Climate Pledge Arena was at a mock event. I got my first opportunity to wear the uniform and see the place mostly put together. The mock event is pretty much as it sounds, and all of the different worker teams showed up and got acquainted with their posts.

This was the first and last time I would see many of the areas of the arena, as I would be stationed in the lowest level where the fancy people seats are. 

There's a giant video wall in a couple of areas and I was very amused at the irony of putting up a video of a forest.

One thing that's super cool about this arena is that several of the concessions are using the Amazon Go technology where you only have to beep in the front gate. You can then just pick up whatever you want and walk out, and your snacks will be billed to your Amazon account. It's pretty close to magic if you ask me.

Alaska Airlines is one of the big sponsors.

I've been excited to eat at Big Chicken for a little while. Shaq is a part owner but I honestly hadn't ever heard of the place before.

My boss Agmar was pretty much ruining my day talking about Shaq visiting while the restaurant was being built. I guess he took photos with the office workers and everything. Someone could have given me a heads up!

I'm going to be honest, the main reason I picked this one was because it had Shaq sauce on it. Tasted just like Shaq. The food prep people were also practicing their jobs, so lunch was on the house today which was pretty exciting.

For an extra environmental touch, this place uses aluminum cups instead of plastic for draft beer. I was pretty impressed.

The lowest floor where my team worked was a damn maze. Giving people directions down here is going to be very amusing.

I noticed that Kraken CEO Tod Leiweke was giving one of my coworkers a little tour of the Kraken locker room so I... invited myself along.

You also are being treated to a show of my fantastic uniform. I describe it as so of a space butler chic. They are the brainchild of Seattle designer Luly Yang, who has done design work for Alaska Airlines pilots and flight attendants as well. Luckily I don't know anyone in this town and don't have to worry about bumping into people.

The day ended with some random important people speeches.

Then, out of nowhere, they were like "and now we have a special guest". They introduced him as Mix-a-Lot, which threw me off for a second. Had they addressed him by his proper title of Sir Mix-a-Lot I would have immediately started yelling "Baby Got Back" lyrics.

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