Tuesday, October 05, 2021

A Beach and a Bottle

Today after work we took a stroll around Carillon Point. It's a little development south of us on Lake Washington.

Elysian was one of my favorite brands in the Anheuser-Busch empire back when I worked for the king. So it's especially cool that I live in Seattle where it was founded because there's a lot more of this limited release type stuff available that you can't get in St. Louis.

"Scarlet Beast

Golden Sour Ale with Cherries

A sight to behold! The majestic Scarlet Beast crashes in with crimson grumbling waves, beckoning for your communion. Marvel at its oaky tannins, witness the almighty Saaz hops, and prepare to pucker at the sight of those lustful sour cherries. The scent of oak and vanilla wafts throughout the scene. Come hither, come all; every memorable joyride involves a descent."

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