Friday, October 08, 2021

Kirkland Mayhem

We tore up Kirkland with our new friends Gabby and Derek.

Most of the businesses in our neck of Kirkland are pretty high end hoity toity type places. There is however one delightfully divey bar in town called Central Club & Tavern. This little sign on the cocktail cherries somes the place up. While trashy I find that the staff is usually exceptionally nice. I wonder if there are few enough dirtbags to fill a place like this that they have to be kind to the limited number of dirtbags available. For a dirtbag like me, I finally feel like I'm getting the attention I deserve.

One thing that is peculiar to Washington bars as far as I'm aware is that bars sell these little pull tab lottery ticket type things. You buy a ton of them at once and they give them to you in a little popcorn basket. I thought that that was pretty novel.

Here comes the king here comes the big number one.

Flat Stick Pub is a fun little mini golf joint near the lake. The course obstructions are delightfully made out of dead beer kegs.

All I do is win win win no matter what. Got golfing on my mind I can never get enough. 

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