Thursday, October 21, 2021

Malaysian Food

Lydia was still out of town so I was honor bound to do a lot of fun stuff while she was gone.

I drove to Seattle and shockingly it was raining. 

There's a fancy Starbucks Reserve that looks kind of like a microbrewery that I would like to check out one of these days.

This time I checked out another Seattle Eater list entry for dinner: Kedai Makan. "Known pre-COVID as one of the better late-night spots around town, Capitol Hill's Malaysian street food restaurant still conveyed its original vision through a robust takeout menu, and has recently returned to its bustling dine-in service (often with long lines). Some recent snacks worthy of the wait include ayam goreng masala, roti jala, and lamb-stuffed murtabak."

They had some wild tea and booze infusion shots so I had to try one.

I went with the Mother because I like my character points to be well balanced.

I got a little bit wild with the ordering... I don't remember what this was.

Roti Jala: "Malay 'net bread' with wheat flour, egg, turmeric, coconut, served with dhal or chicken curry"

"Ayam goreng *belacan*: Fried chicken with shrimp paste and spices, grilled pineapple sambal, rice, herbs, cabbage, cucumber"

A nice thing about eating at a restaurant by yourself is there's a higher likelihood that even a busy place will be able to find a spot for you. This time they crammed me in at the end of a bar next to a dude named Ryan. Ryan was an Alaskan medical equipment repair man in town for business. He was an anti-vaxxer to some degree, because I invited him to a bar after dinner for a drink and he agreed. We went to three different spots and not a single one would let this germy man in without showing his vaccination card. Ryan was super butthurt about it but I was very proud of Seattle at that moment. Enjoy your trip back to the icy tundra, knucklehead,

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