Friday, October 01, 2021

Strange Loop Schmoozing

The first day of Strange Loop is kind of like the first day of school. You're excited to be there but you quickly remember how much you hate school.

I saw a couple new little awesome nooks of St. Louis' Union Station. This was a fancy elevator area.

I used to be super intimidated by the vendors at these things. Now that I'm pretty solidly a tech dude of my own it's much more enjoyable. Plus they often have fun swag.

John Deere was in attendance and now I have tractor socks. Easy as that.

I still have a thirst to work at a FAANG company in my heart. I did some schmoozing with some Netflix folks.

Strange Loop is good to remind me that no matter how smart or educated I become, I'm always an idiot next to someone out there.

After hours Seago and I took Netflix Cameron around to various St. Louis bars. Earthbound is one of my favorites because they always have a lot of weird imaginative stuff to try.

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