Friday, August 05, 2022

A Food Tasting Zootastrophy

Our friends Derek and Gabby invited us to Whiskey & WildBites at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo. It was a tasting thing where you go to try local chefs' and distillers' creations. It was also a huge mess.

We got there maybe 30 minutes after the base level ticket gate opened and it was already pandemonium. Lines wrapped around the entire area we were corralled into. I was also annoyed because I figured since we were at a zoo we could, you know, see some friggin' animals. No. We seemed to be hemmed in to a smaller space. The ticket was $100, so I had expected to be treated with some dignity, not stand in line for hours to likely receive such a small food portion I would have to buy dinner afterwards.

When I saw some of the booths were already out of food, that was the last straw for me. Gabby and Derek hadn't even arrived yet and we marched to the zoo's offices and asked for our money back. This thing was shockingly executed.

We ended up salvaging the evening by meeting up with them at a couple of local breweries instead. The day was saved. It's sad though because that was my first visit to that zoo and it was such an awful experience I'm not really dying to ever return.

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