Friday, August 19, 2022

Another Free Film

Seeing Trump's life slowly circle the drain is a decent consolation prize for the torture of four years of his presidency.

I saw it before it came out. Don't like to brag.

We have a trip to Munich Oktoberfest booked, which I've been wanting to do for many many years. Part of the excitement of anticipating the trip has been buying our outfits. Lydia got a nice dirndl here.

Unfortunately her food shopping was less effective than her German traditional clothing shopping. She got these pizza crusts made out of chicken for the sake of being zero carb.

They were so, so bad. And pretty expensive. Yuck.

We hit another pre-screening film, this time at SIFF Cinema Uptown, a theatre that I hadn't visited before. The movie was the Territory and was about indigenous tribes living in the Brazilian rainforest being threatened by encroaching dirtbags who set their land on fire to built crap little farms.

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