Monday, August 15, 2022

Crazy Amount of Berries

Northern State Recreation Area is a creepy ghost town that is home to the abandoned remains of the Northern State Mental Hospital. What a lovely place to have a hike.

While we were likely to soon be murdered by vengeful ghosts I was distracted by the absolute blackberry bonanza that was happening on the trails.

I ate so many berries I thought I might be sick.

Berry overdose is pretty high on my list of preferred death methods. In many places the bushes were taller than myself.

There were plenty of spooky buildings full of crazy ghosts. Lydia got startled.

These slugs are lucky I was already full from all the berries.

The mountain was out. It's fun to see Rainier on the highway because there are little pictures of it on everyone's license plates.

I like the concept of a charcuterie board but in practice filling the board generally involves buying enough food for a medium sized military base.

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