Sunday, August 07, 2022

The Evans Are Not What They Seem

Evan was familiar enough with the magic that is Twin Peaks that he agreed to let us drag him out to North Bend, Washington to see all of the filming locations.

We ate at Twede's Cafe.

The Xs in the Spanish... no gracias.

We checked out Ronette's Bridge and it's apparently quite the cool kid beach hangout. We saw several chillens jump right of the bridge into the water.

One location that I hadn't yet checked off my list was the Twin Peaks Police Department. It is now DirtFish Rally School where they teach you to Tokyo drift in the dust.

They even had a Twin Peaks police car out front.

The colors are now hideous but the exterior is largely the same otherwise.

It was closed but a peek through the window revealed Lucy's receptionist desk looks pretty intact as well on the left there.

This little guy was the Bookhouse in the show, where Twin Peaks’ secret society “The Bookhouse Boys” have their meetings.

Bang Bang Bar, more commonly known to Twin Peaks residents only as the Roadhouse

While we were creeping around the Roadhouse exterior we found a good patch of blackberries and had to take a foraging break.

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