Friday, February 04, 2022

Seattle Bar Hop

Kirkland is nice but I spend so much time there I need a trip to Seattle now and then to keep things fresh.

Cloudburst Brewing is a great brewery, though they lean way too hard on IPAs if you ask me.

Belltown Provisions had a fun, moody interior and classy cocktails concoctions.

I went with the 
Clean, crisp, alpine herbs
St. George Terroir gin, Dolin Blanc, Génépy, sage, Scarborough bitters

We sat by the window and were treated to a hobo soap opera that even had an episode where the paramedics came.

Next we tried Navy Strength, which is sort of a tiki bar.

This place had a really fun cocktail menu too.

I tried a
Butuan City Soundtrack
A bourbon slowjam that'll make you sing. Mango, toasty rice, and kalamansi harmonize

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