Sunday, February 20, 2022

On Down to San Antonio

Our first day of San Antonio, Texas was packed with all kinds of fun.

Our Airbnb was in a pretty hip neighborhood called Southtown. There were lots of funky bars and restaurants around within walking distance. The girls hit a ridiculous cinnamon roll place and brought some back.

Buc-ee's is a chain of monster gas stations and convenience stores.

We met Katie at Roughhouse Brewing in San Marcos, TX, because it was halfway between San Antonio and Austin where Katie lives with her husband Elliott.

I liked that they put some effort into their can art.

Katie's baby was a fun addition to the group.

Fredericksburg, TX is a fun reminder that Texas has a lot of German influence and isn't just all cowboy stuff. The city was the first German town in Texas and now is the center of beer halls and schnitzel eating.

Hopscotch is sort of Instagram photo paradise immersive art experience. Things started off strong with this cool lit up adult ball pit. There was hardly any pee in there at all.

This was a fun digital graffiti thing.

San Antonio's River Walk was strolling distance from the Airbnb so we popped over there for some exploration.

I found a place that had jalapeno ghost pepper margaritas and had a couple few.

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