Thursday, February 03, 2022

Skiing Some More

I've been gaining a bit of skill and confidence with all of my ski practice.

I gained so much skill in fact that Lydia insisted we try a different slope. We've just been going up the same one over and over thus far, which was good training. She found another green one for us to try that hypothetically should have been the same skill level as the one I'm used to. Well "somehow" we ended up on a blue slope, which was pretty much impossible for my ability. I fell enough times that I ended up taking my skis off and walking the rest of the way down. I hurt my neck pretty bad but despite Lydia's efforts I did not die. For the next couple weeks I was walking around with my head leaning on one shoulder because it hurt to hold my head up straight. It also hurt to drive when I had to turn my head to look at mirrors and traffic and such. I will never forget this betrayal.

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