Thursday, February 17, 2022

A Home Run Dinner

Field to Table is a fun little event where for a couple of weeks they bring in a different chef each day to whip up some good food that you then get to eat on the football grass at the Seattle Seahawk's Lumen Field.

This was double fun because I had never been to Lumen Field before, and now I was going to get to go all over the place.

They inexplicably were trying to sell people these multi-hundred dollar hydroponic plant grower things.

I'm not really even that into football and I thought that walking onto the field through the same tunnel the players use was exciting.

The guest chef of the day was Mitch Mayers from Sawyer.

Shrimp roll steam bun - brandied lobster sauce, Napa cabbage, fingerling potato chips

Pressed pork shoulder - duck fat tater tots, salsa roja, queso fundido, winter squash, pickled red onion, radish

Banana fosters - chocolate chip banana bread, apple, honey brown butter ice cream, salted pecan crumble

For an extra charge you got the chance to try to kick a field goal in three tries. Challenge accepted.

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