Friday, February 25, 2022

A Whole Fun Day in Monterrey

Finally, after a whole day lost due to airline shenanigans, we arrived in Monterrey, Mexico.

Our hotel just so happened to be right next to the Metropolitan Museum of Monterrey, which we promptly happened upon and explored.

The Plaza Mexico mall had really nice stained glass.

We love foreign McDonald's don't we folks.

Monterrey has this giant campus type area with a high concentration of government buildings, museums, sculptures and such.

Palacio de Gobierno del Estado de Nuevo León

Mexican History Museum

Lydia and I have a running tradition where I treat her like a damn princess. This time that entailed taking her to fancy restaurant Sibau. I've been on a kick lately where I find the Eater essential restaurant list for a place then I destroy said list.

"Sibau is Spanish chef Bruno Oteiza’s novel and personal take on Northern Mexican cuisine. His more daring dishes include oysters with ponzu-marinated toro tuna, tangerine and serrano chili, and pulpo tacos with bone marrow and roasted salsa verde. The sophisticated dining area features zigzag graphic flooring, gray marble walls, and velvet indigo chairs. Outdoors, the verdant terrace offers a completely different mood, ideal for evening cocktails. Don’t miss the homey habanero cream soup, served in a sourdough bread bowl." Not only does Eater bring the hits but it also offers some helpful hints on what to order. 

The amuse-bouche came and it was like a damn art exhibit, with little morsels suspended with gold wire in a... snack tree. 

The cocktails were very fun and delicious. This was a dirty devil. I like to go to fancy expensive restaurants in other countries because few of them are as expensive as they are in Seattle. That ladies and gentlemen is what you call a clearance sale on dirty devils. This frou-frou lil guy cost about $12 in freedom bucks.

The habanero cream soup was good times.


octopus tacos

lobster ravioli

We met up with Viry and Lolo finally and hung out for a bit. I went to all this trouble to pick up a bottle of my favorite Reserva de la Familia tequila and then hardly anyone drank it. Rude. Well I learned some weeks later that Viry was secretly pregnant so I suppose I forgive her.

They had some fun snacks.

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